The Dale Dan Tony's! by RiFF RAFF

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Wondering how we settled on the name 'High Rollers' for this style of sports sunglasses frame? Mainly because we teamed up with Jody Highroller to create them! This pair in particular is RiFF RAFF'S very first pair of signature sunglasses, which makes them the official sunglasses of the million dollar mullet. WoW!

We asked the tough questions- What does Dale Dan Tony need in a pair of sunglasses? Everything was sports related! Then we did the prototyping to create the perfect pair of shades in the name of sports! Super lightweight polyurethane frames that are highly malleable and near indestructible! Paired up with multiple lens options for both high light and low light situations.

You know, the perfect sunglasses for maximum action! The 'WoW's' are all that and a Lombardi trophy. Sea foam frames with watermelon accents, pink opaque lenses for under the lights action, and sea foam green polarized UV 400 lenses for high light action. We're talking the perfect shades to track a fly ball in the high noon sun but also the perfect shades to see a midnight marauder a mile away. Step up your sunglasses collection with the 'Dale Dan Tony's by RiFF RAFF' sunglasses and make em' say WoW! Little disclaimer here, the price on these awesome cycling sunglasses is subject to increase due to our clients value. It's been said that his mullet alone is worth a milly! 


  • 2 interchangeable lens options included
  • Polarized/ UV 400 lens option with each pair
  • Opaque, low light lens option with each pair
  • Hard carrying case
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Lightweight and durable/malleable polyurethane frame
  • Designed by RiFF RAFF
  • Adds value to your current hair cut