Tiki Engraved - Vintage Wooden Sunglasses

Driftwoods - Engraved

Top of the totem style! Engraved in the likeness of your favorite tiki mask. Ours can be found on the video game cover of TC surf&sport. These wood shades rip! Built to hang ten and ride that wave all the way to the tiki bar. Don’t stop there, these wooden sunglassss are best paired with an adult beverage! The kind that comes with a little umbrella in it. UV 400 and polarized lenses so you stay shaded no matter where in paradise the sun may be shining! Like surf n turf for your eyes! The floaties of vision! Don’t have a beach body but still want those compliments? No worries, these have you covered! Show now and get free shipping.

UV400 protective
Polarized Gradient black lenses
Bamboo sidesIncludes microfiber soft cloth/lens cloth
Bamboo case sold separately
Covered by B Fresh's Lifetime Woodshades Warranty 


Bamboo, Acrylic