Limited Edition - Fishy Fishy - Tripping Animals

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Looking for a pair of fresh shorts to wear while catching some fresh fish? Check out these Mahi Mahi Fishy Fishy swimtrunks. Another collaborative piece by B fresh gear and Tripping Animals Brewing Co. 
It's not a good idea to wear dockers to the docks when you're casting lines, splashing about, and reelin' em in!
No, don't ruin your work pleats. Instead, grab a pair of these retro swim trunks! They're made for the water and the land, but especially where the water meets the land. 
These swimming trunks are equipped with an elastic band and a draw string closure. And you know we're all about the details so we tossed some metal tips on the drawstring for extra durability. And you already know the liner is boxer cut so there's no bunching or chaffing. Aside from comfort, that means these aren't really men's swim trunks at all, they're actually unisex swim shorts. 🤔
Grab a pair of these Tripping Animals swimtrunks and catch some fish in pure style! 

Care instructions: 
Machine wash cold. 
Do not bleach. 
Always hang dry. 
  • Adjustable Drawstring
  • Two Front Pockets
  • One Back Pocket
  • Polyester/Spandex Blend