Mediterranean Sunrise Blue - Reflective Wooden Sunglasses

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When the sun is brighter than the white on a Santorini city-scape, fight back with the Mediterranean Sunrises.  These wood shades are polarized, UV 400, and are almost cooler than grandma with their reflective blue lenses.  The sun tries to burn your retinas, but you won’t let it, will ya? No, you’ve got more schooling than the average Billy Madison so you know that you gotta protect those eyeballs with some B Fresh sunglasses.  They're the window to your soul, after all! These wooden sunglasses with zebra wood arms will protect that window and block the creeps from peeping in. Not speaking your language yet? Ok, to the point: Rebecca can’t publicly announce that you look hungover at brunch because she can’t see thru these B Fresh Gear blue lenses.  As always, warranty backed, unlike that bottomless mimosa bar that definitely has a bottom. Trust us, we’ve found it. Several times.


      • Blue Reflective UV400 Polarized Lenses
      • Blonde Bamboo sides
      • Infinity Lense Frame
      • Party Mode %100
      • Covered by B Fresh's  Lifetime Woodshades Warranty