Pizza Tiger - Long Sleeve SPF Sun Shirt


Pizza Tiger

Crouching Tiger, hidden pizza. 

                  It’s a jungle out there! Only the well equipped hunter will survive. Many factors will attempt to deter a hunt, but the successful hunter must adapt and overcome! Knowing when to hunt, is key. As bi-pedal striders, we evolved to walk up right in order to reduce surface area. Many of our hair follicles turned to sweat glands to provide a cooling mechanism. Thus, we emerged as high noon scavengers and hunters. The main advantage is a lack of predation at that time of day. Disadvantage- sunburns. Ouch! They’re a bi*tch. So grab yourself an spf50 sun shirt made from 100% polyester. With full hood and thumb holes, you’ll be an evolved hunter. So when you need to avoid the evening crowds, go forth at high noon and help the Tiger find his pizza. Zen. 


  • Pizza Tiger all over sublimation print
  • Hooded with sinch button for maximum wind breakage 
  • Oversized sleeves with thumb holes for maximum reach
  • Unisex
  • Lightweight
  • Quick dry


  • 100% polyester 


  • Hand or Machine Wash Cold
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Hang Dry