Rasta Beach - Long Sleeve SPF Sun Shirt


How Islanders avoid sun burns!

        The sun tries to burn you, but you won’t let it, will ya! Except this time, theres no sunscreen smiley splat. - enter the spf 50 Rasta beach shirt. Full sleeve with thumb holes which allows maximum movement while you’ve got a big snag on the line. Hooded, with a sinch button too, so you can stay shaded and take a quick cat nap on the poop deck. Made with lightweight polyester that gently hugs the body and doesn’t mind breaking wind. Heading to the beach mon!? Snag a Rasta spf50 sun shirt which comes equipped with a thousand compliments which is lit like uncle Drewbies beach front doobie. Drip. 


  • Floral/Rasta all over sublimation print
  • Hooded with sinch button for maximum wind breakage 
  • Oversized sleeves with thumb holes for maximum reach
  • Unisex
  • Lightweight
  • Quick dry


  • 100% polyester 


  • Hand or Machine Wash Cold
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Hang Dry