Vintage Flamingo Turtleneck


Wacka Flocka Flamingos down the runway! Every cold season, birds of paradise migrate south along with all your favorite warm weather gear.  Those hot pink feathers are no match for old man winter! Just because those gray clouds chased away the birds, doesn't mean it has to chase away your wardrobe.  Introducing a splash of warm color for those chilly cold season days! It’s definitely for the birds! The Flamingo Turtleneck, a cotton/poly blend of hot Flamingo feathers designed to keep you warm way beyond the fireplace.  When negative temperatures arrive, this turtleneck sweater hybrid will have you cranking up the A.C. Hot fashion! B Fresh sweaternecks, or sweaters, or turtlenecks! Whatever you call them, get that warm weather feeling of migration softly wrapped around your body in the dead of winter.  Turn your wardrobe up a few degrees!


  • Awesome tropical birds
  • Full Body Sublimation Print
  • Ribbed Cuffs
  • Unisex
  • Long hip cut


  • Cotton/Spandex Blend


  • Hand or Machine Wash Cold
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Hang Dry
  • Iron Low
  • Do Not Dry Clean




Hurry up!