Suga Suga - Vintage Wood Shades

These wooden sunglasses are like borrowing a cup of sugar from Mrs Johnson! The boys aren’t ready. This style of wood shades is for hot moms that don’t just tote the kids to soccer, they coach the team too while their husbands are at home cooking dinner. Damn, that's high powered sexiness! These wooden sunglasses may also be worn by rad dads who know the value of moisturizing their skin and not bathing in chemicals.  For a well groomed metro look sprinkle yourself with some suga! With polarized UV 400 lenses you’re gonna show the world your beauty.   



  • Polarized UV 400 Amber Lenses
  • Orange/Red Tortoise Shell Frames
  • Includes microfiber case/lens cloth
  • Bamboo case sold separately 
  • Covered by B Fresh's  Lifetime Woodshades Warranty  


  • Walnut wood
  • Stone lacquered
  • Acrylic