The Camos - High Rollers

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The eye protection needs of a hunter can be quite vast depending on what game you're hunting. Hunting quail at dawn with a high light rising sun? Fully reflective, polarized and UV 400 orange lenses will help you zone in on your target! Higher concentration means less hesitation and boom! Bird is the word. 

Hanging out in the blind all day waiting for a deer to come? Once it hits 2pm, swap your orange lens out for the polarized, UV 400, smoke lens and add a bit of mid day gradient to your vision. Now that you're seeing clearly, you'll be saying, 'deer me and beer me!' in no time. 

Or, what if you're the type that likes to wear your sunglasses' at night? You know, the type that hunts at the local watering hole during singles night? You're gonna wanna pop those clear lenses into your lightweight polyurethane frames and focus on making eye contact with that lucky somebody!  No matter the situation, the 'Camo' High Rollers have an option for you to be as seen or unseen as you wanna be all while improving your hawk eye vision!   


  • 3 interchangeable lens options included
  • Polarized/ UV 400 lens option with each pair
  • Opaque, low light lens option with each pair
  • Hard carrying case
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Lightweight and durable/malleable polyurethane frame
  • Like a hawk eye scope for your peepers
  • Can hunt anything in these