Can I Pet Your Kitty Dad Hat

Can I Pet Your Kitty Dad Hat

The 'Can I Pet Your Kitty' cat hat.  We all know petting kitty's is your thing.  Earn the trust of the kitties beholder when you get playful in this pink dad hat featuring the sassiest car that ever purred.  It really doesn't matter, if there's a cat around you're petting it.  You're standards aren't picky, any cat will do.  You're slick, you're smart, you're sexy and you love to pet the kitty!  Your kitty, her kitty, his kitty too.  Heck, you'll even love on an alley cat.  We all know you're gonna find a way to pet that cat!  That's why we made the, 'Can I Pet Your Kitty' pink dad hat with curved brim and cloth/ clasp closure.  It's sure to convince cat owners world wide that you are an experienced kitty handler and you should definitely be trusted.  After all, you're not the crazy cat lady, you just want to pet her kitty's!  Meow that's a lifestyle hat!  There's really only question that remains... Can I pet your kitty?


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  • Embroidered cat
  • Pastel pink twill cotton fabric
  • Cloth closure
  • One Size fits all


Cotton Twill



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