St. Bernard Dad Hat

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St. Bernard Dad Hat
It's a little known fact that Jesus actually had 13 apostles with him at the Last Supper.  The one un-pictured apostle you ask?  St. Bernard the dog!  He's under the table scarfing down table scraps and lapping up the sweet wine Jesus had stored in his oak barrel.  This hat is to pay homage to the forgotten apostle, St. Bernard.  Every crew has that party animal, sup doggie? This b fresh gear dad hat is to commemorate them.  The guy who eats his meal and then starts sneaking your fries; he'll love this hat.  The gal who stabs that guys hand with a steak knife; she'll love it too.  Every friend you've ever played catch with will simply wag their tails over this curved brim dad hat.  Made out of mustard corduroy to hide the slobber and the stains, because chances are St. Bernard lovers already have multiple mustard stains on their clothes.  Unstructured six panel dad hat, which literally means all you need is this hat and your dog to have a catch.  As long as you don't mind a little slobber on you scalp.  The St. Bernard Dog lovers hat, for the dog lover in all of us.
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  • Embroidered dog
  • Brown corduroy fabric
  • Cloth closure
  • One Size fits all