The Royals - High Rollers

Style and protection fit for the King and Queen. When you step on the field, you need to let them know that you were a high caliber high school athlete and you're not messing around! In order to drape yourself in the colors of royalty, you've gotta have the game to back it up!

The 'Royals' lightweight polyurethane frames are the perfect shades to let your opponent know, 'Hey, I went to state, pal!' Then you hit em' with a 90 mph underhand pitch and...STRIKE THREE! If you've got a pair of these High Roller sunglasses, you've most definitely 'still got it'. Purple and green polarized, UV 400, and reflective lenses provide that needed shade so you don't miss a pitch. The opaque yellow lens gives you eagle eye vision under the lights so you can rob those home runs at the fence. Grab a pair of the 'Royals' and start reliving your glory days now! 


  • Unisex
  • 3 interchangeable lens options included
  • Polarized/ UV 400 lens option with each pair
  • Opaque, low light lens option with each pair
  • Hard carrying case
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Lightweight and durable/malleable polyurethane frame
  • Performance enhancing eyewear 
  • Not just for base ballers