Toker Poker X B fresh Visor Shades

You know what they say, safety first! Especially when it comes to the most dangerous pair of sunglasses on the market! Visor shades. That’s why we teamed up with Toker Poker, they know all about the importance of a safety meeting. You see, all actions have consequences. The more dangerous the action, like gliding down a mountain on two waxed sticks, the more important it is to find that certain perspective; for safety’s sake! So put on your thinking cap- Toker Poker X B fresh gear visor shades- snap your bic into its favorite accessory, and light up that perspective. The B fresh gear X Toker Poker safety meeting combo, because, ya know, safety first! 


  • In collaboration with Toker Poker 
  • Matching toker poker for your bic included 
  • Matching sunglasses cord included 
  • Polarized lenses
  • UV-400 Protective
  • Lifetime Supply of Safety