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Shades warranty-  It doesn’t matter how! However your shades were damaged, we’ll replace them.  No, seriously, it doesn’t matter how you broke them! Whatever you tell us; ‘I sat on them.’ ‘They fell off my face and cracked.’  ‘They just broke.’ ‘My friend broke them.’ Doesn’t matter! Whatever you tell us, we’re just going to assume that you got punched in the face and they broke!  Jk. Jk. We understand that the temples of our shades are made of wood, the lenses are liable to get scratched, and every now and then we all have a screw come loose.  That’s life right? Nothing you can do about it! Well, we can do something about it! Each pair of shades comes with a lifetime warranty! Which means as long as we’re in the business of selling sunglasses, any time you break your B Fresh shades, or scratch the lenses, we’ve got you covered with a 50% off replacement pair.  4 LYFE! To redeem the warranty, simply snap a photo of the damage and send it along with your receipt toinfo@bfreshgear.com and we’ll shoot you a warranty code for 50% off. So adventure on friends.  Don’t let the fear of damaging your favorite sunglasses stop you from recklessly riding that scooter thru town!