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Colored Pencils - Fanny Pack

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Colored Pencils Fanny pack

Like an elaborate doodle on a diner place mat.  We finally learned how to color within the lines.  The result, yet another fiercely awesome fanny pack.  Wether you're packing crayons, colored pencils, or magic markers, show your artistic side with this colorful bum bag.  The perfect caddy to tote all the items needed to make your next masterpiece.  Your kindergarten teacher would be so proud!  Guess what?  An apple fits suspiciously in any one of the four pouches in case you want to bring your teacher an apple next recess break.  Don't forget to grab your best pack when getting artsy.  The one stuffed to the brim with art supplies.  The Colored Pencil fanny pack, your masterpiece awaits.  

  • Pleather label
  • Tribal pastel print
  • 4 pouches
  • Black buckle
  • Durable YKK zippers
  • Adjustable Belt (16 x 53 in’)
  • Secure Back Pocket (12 x 6 in’)
  • Oversized Front Pocket (8.5 in x 6 in’)
  • Large Front pocket- (7.5 x 5 in’)
  • Bonus Front Pocket- (7.5 x 3.5 in’)


Cotton-Poly Blend