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September 23, 2020 3 min read 0 Comments

Remember those gas station sunglasses you thought were so sick as a kid? Those glasses may look faster than Usain Bolt, but the lenses are nothing more than tinted plastic. Polarization is where B Fresh Gear stands out.

All of our stylish sunglasses and epic visor shades come with UV 400 polarized lenses to help keep your eyes protected from the sun's harmful UV rays. Polarization is a game changer when it comes to sunglasses. It’s like Patrick Beverly getting traded to your favorite basketball team. Polarized lenses work the same way, they provide a lock down defense eliminating harmful UV rays from getting through to your eyes.

Polarized and UV 400 protection

When polarized sunglasses are made, there’s a chemical formula that gets applied to each lens to help filter the light. The molecules within the formula are aligned in a pattern to block the horizontal light from coming through the lens. Horizontal light is light that gets reflected off one surface and shines into your eyes. Getting rid of the horizontal light helps reduce the glare reflecting off shiny surfaces giving you a clearer view and reduces the stress put on your eyes.

Polarized glasses are important for every season. Even in the winter the sun reflects off the snow and causes eye strain and headaches. Polarized lenses also give the colors a little extra pop. When I’m sitting on the lifeguard stand with my Visor Shades on, it’s like I’m watching the water in crystal clear super ultra 4K HD. It cuts all the glare reflecting off the ocean and gives a crisp picture.

Visor Shades, the perfect sunglasses for lifeguards

Conquering the day gets 10x easier when you throw on a pair of flashy Visor Shades or one of our wooden frames! Knowing which shades to pick depending on your schedule and the weather is next level glass master stuff. Friday fishin’ on the high seas? Blue lens Presidential Visor Shades. City slickin’ all day Saturday? Drift Wood blondes Sunglasses. Hungover Sunday errands? Van Dope Visor Shades. Wearing the perfect lenses gives your eyes a little extra protection adding some X factor to your daily vibe. If you wear the right lenses Monday- Thursday, your X factor levels are guaranteed to peak at happy hour on Friday and continue throughout the weekend. The different colored lenses are all treated with  state of the art UV 400 and polarization methods, but just like how life changes, your sunglasses should too.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul so I’d recommend protecting your precious baby blues. Just like how your pupils shrink in the dark to help you see better, they expand in the sun for the same purpose. Without polarized lenses on a sunny day, your pupils can grow up to 3x the normal size. More like 3x more room for harmful UV rays to come in and shatter those beautiful soul windows. When you slide on a pair of Visor shades or B Fresh Gear glasses, it’s
like you deployed a head turnin’ sun shield approved by the sun god himself.

Smack down visor shades

All of our glasses are polarized, UV 400 lenses. UV 400 polarized lenses are the greatest gift you could ever get your eyes. Not only do they protect your eyes from UV A radiation, but they hit you with the Kobe & Shaq double trouble and protect you from UV B radiation as well. You’ll feel so much better in a comfortable pair of Visor Shades, without the strain and pressure caused by long exposure to UV rays. Polarized sunglasses are your keys to unlocking epic adventures day after day. UV rays don’t stand a chance when you have on your favorite pair of B Fresh Gear sunglasses.

Polarization is life’s cheat code! When you're looking at life through sun punchers, weekdays start feeling more and more like the weekends! The next time you’re in the gas station getting a road soda and some beef jerky, look at the sunglasses and smile at the nostalgia. But then look out the window at your car, the homies are packed tight on the way to a weekend in Vegas because you were wearing UV 400 polarized Visor Shades when you won $200,000 from a $1 scratch off. That's the $1 that you used to spend on cheapo's coming back to reward you for making the upgrade decision for your eyeball protection.  The X factor is real! Oh, and babes love em too!

Epic beach sunglasses