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December 02, 2020 8 min read 0 Comments

Hanging up stockings during the holiday season is an expert move. This has been a tradition forever but stuffing the stockings is relatively new. Stocking stuffers can go one of two ways. They can be awesome and super useful or they can be new additions to that useless pile in your closet. The B Fresh Fam is here to enlighten you on the history of stocking stuffers AND give you guys our Top 10 Stocking Stuffers.

Stocking stuffers have changed a lot from when they started. Legend has it, a recently widowed father had three beautiful daughters but was struggling to pay the bills. The father would freak out because he was worried his daughters wouldn’t be considered “wifey material” because they didn’t have money.

Good ole St. Nick was passing through the village and he heard about the family through the grapevine. St. Nick knew the dad wouldn’t accept direct charity so he went stealth mode. While the family was sleeping, St. Nick shimmied down the chimney and filled the stockings that were drying by the fire with gold coins. Everyone woke up stoked with their gifts. The daughters got married and preggers, the father got to chill, and everyone lived happily ever after. 

Today however, it’s a little different. Everyone enters holiday mode the day after Thanksgiving. You decorate the house and pull out the same decorative stocking you use every year (but you should totally replace that dingy old thing with a fanny pack and stuff it instead!).

Once Christmas Eve rolls around,  all the kids go to bed early hoping Santa fills their stocking and leaves presents under the tree. That little ankle biter who bites all his classmates in kindergarten is gonna learn his lesson real quick once he finds some coal in his stocking. Usually, the kids wake up to little toys, candy, or maybe even a new pop socket. It’s not quite the gold coins the daughters from the legend got, but the kids are usually psyched.


The stocking part of stocking stuffers changes depending on where you are in the world. For example, Medieval Germans would leave their boots out on Christmas Eve hoping for goodies from German Santa. In Holland, little Dutch kids would leave their wooden clogs out hoping for a surprise the next morning. Leave it to the Italian kids to leave their shoes out for~La Bufana~wishing for a new sauce recipe or some fresh gnocchi. The root of the legend stayed the same but little pieces have changed as time goes on. 

Before we get into the Top 10 Stocking Stuffer Guide, you gotta know whose stocking it is. Obviously you’re gonna vary the gifts depending on what stocking you’re stuffing, but you don’t want to be throwin those mini bottles in your young cousins stocking. Instead, we’d recommend some candy or a small toy. We have gifts for everyone you love so don’t stress, decompress and study our Top 10 Stocking Stuffer Guide.

10) Cologne or Perfume

This is perfect for a young man or a man's man. Same for young women and cougars. Getting a, “You smell good,” compliment is one of life’s all time moments. Cologne and perfume may be a bit pricey but you can’t put a price on confidence. If you’re gonna get Axe Body Spray or some random Ariana Grande perfume, just save your money. You’re doing a favor for whoever would have opened it.  With the holidays right around the corner, there are gonna be plenty of times to mingle with others so don’t get caught smell slackin and get to perfume packin. 

9) Candy or Snacks

Nobody’s too old for candy. Even your grandma has a bowl full of hard candies laying around somewhere. Stuffing someone's stocking with candy may look like a cheapo move but you can bet your ass that every piece of candy will be eaten. We’re gonna go as far as saying that every piece of candy will be eaten that day! Be careful with allergies but eh, they’ll be fine if they have an Epi Pen. If you’re tight for cash this holiday season, stop by a CVS on your way home and pick up a bag of Kit Kats. 

8) Headphones

This is for Millennials and Gen Z’s. We’re all tech savvy now and would love a new pair of headphones. Wired headphones are perfect for walking the dog or skiing! If you need a new pair of running headphones, wireless is where it’s at! “You think I’m splashing out for some Airpods I’m giving away?!” There are headphones at every price point and we’re always losing our headphones so it’s nice to have a new pair stashed somewhere. If you get headphones, we’d recommend listening to something with hella bass to test those puppies out!

7) Coffee & Yeti Mug

This stocking stuffer will get immediate use. Coffee is the fuel for the body with a lot of healthy antioxidants too. There are so many different coffee beans and flavors so you have a million different options! Whether you like dark roast, light roast, K Cups, or whole beans, go wild and get something exotic. Yeti mugs keep your coffee hot for hours or your iced coffee cold for even longer! Coffee is also a great stocking stuffer for the residual effect. The residual effect is when you give a gift that can be shared very easily so you’ll get to enjoy some of the gift too! Giving someone coffee and a mug guarantees at least 2 cups for yourself! Enjoy the fruits of the gift giving season and stuff that stocking with some exotic coffee!

6) B Fresh Gear Swimwear

The B Fresh Fam makes some pretty rad swim gear for both men and women. Ladies, let us save you some room in your suitcase with our reversible bathing suits. You can flex the same suit twice without anyone ever knowing. Our swimwear makes heads snap when you walk by because everyone wants a glimpse of what a style master looks like. Both our men's and women's suits are super light and breathable so chaffeage is out of the question. Stunt all summer at the beach or at your friends outdoor hot tub during the winter with some of the dopest suits in the game. 

5) Portable Charger 

A portable charger is a lifeline. A portable charger can save you from that long uberless walk home or it can save you from boredom during long trips. It doesn’t even have to be a big charger, you’d be surprised how much battery those puppies can hold. The portable charger will rescue you on those days where you forgot to plug your phone in. They may be a little uncomfortable to walk around with but if you get those cylindrical ones, it just feels like the world's biggest chapstick. In today’s world, we rely on our phones so we need to keep them charged up for whatever life throws at us.

4) B Fresh Gear Headband

Here at B Fresh Gear we have some epic headbands that anyone can rock. It’s the perfect compliment to a cute workout fit or your rec league basketball uni. Even your dad will love our headbands. Initially he’ll act tough but curiosity will get the better of him and you’ll catch him with it on getting an early morning cup of coffee. Our headbands will have you lookin like a confident swag ninja whenever you tie it up. We have plenty of styles so you can accessorize whatever style you like! Whether you’re a ski rat who needs a headband to keep their locks out of their eyes, or you’re on that 9-5 grind and you want to spice up your outfit with a rad headband, we’ve got whatcha need!

3) Candles

This may come as a surprise but candles are actually an elite stocking stuffer. Girls love candles and so do guys (secretly of course). C’mon, who doesn’t love walking into a room that smells like sugar cookies. Candles are also personable so whoever’s stocking you’re stuffing may get a different candle than the next. They’re also very versatile. Not only can you use them in main rooms, but taking a shower with a scented candle lit just hits different. Or you can light your candle up so you parents can't smell you ripping tubes when you visit for the holidays! Also, lighting one in your room as you get ready for bed helps you fall asleep faster. You can even get custom candles where you pick what it says, then pick a scent! Candles are slept on as stocking stuffers but we’re bringing them into the spotlight.

2) Shooter Bottles

Shooter bottles are for anyone who likes to have a good time. They’ll either sit around in the freezer for a month or two, or they’ll be finished by New Years. Regardless, shooter bottles are perfect for anyone who’s always on the go. Party hoppers and bar hoppers both rely on these tiny bottles of rocket fuel to keep their spirits high when traversing from spot to spot. If you’re locked in for quarantine, sit by the fire with a warm cup of cider mixed in with that Fireball shooter you got. It’ll warm ya up in no time!

1) Gift Cards

Don’t let anyone talk down on gift cards. People who don’t like gift cards are lazy and don’t appreciate the sentiment. A gift card is like walking into the prize tent and you get to spend your tickets on anything you want. And if someone really loves you and you get blessed with a VISA Gift Card, the world is your prize tent. Gift cards are perfect for those picky friends who truly appreciate the gesture but both of you know a gift card is just more practical. Gift cards to anywhere are meaningful so don’t be afraid to stuff that stocking with gift cards. More tickets means more prizes! You can swoop up a B fresh gift card here!

BONUS: Replace the stocking with a fanny pack!

This is a serious life hack! Replace the stocking with a fanny pack and the stocking becomes a super radical gift too! Just imagine their faces on Christmas morning when they come down the stairs to find their old stinky stockings gone and brand new four pocket fanny packs stuffed full of goodies in their place! They're gonna OMG all over the place. Seriously, stuff those fanny packs with any items from our top ten stocking stuffers list and you'll instantly be inducted into the gift giving hall of fame! Win the holidays and ditch the stocking for a B fresh fanny pack! 


Hanging and stuffing stocking has been around for centuries. It’s cultural meaning differs all over the world but the underlying message is the same. Stockings symbolize hope and kindness so during this holiday season, remember that message. Yeah your stocking was kinda a miss this year but appreciate the gesture and enjoy the thought. Our Top 10 Guide to Stocking Stuffers shows some great ideas for gifts but get creative! Once you understand your audience, use our guide as doorways to more personable gifts. If you liked any of the B Fresh Gear we make, check out ourwebsite! We have plenty more products to spark some creativity!