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We're pumped to announce our partnership with Denver's newest destination brand, Number 38! 24 rotating taps, 4 kitchens, and they even diversified the atmosphere- an outdoor stage, two volley ball courts, and several wild west lounge areas. Plus, they're the home to our newest B fresh pop up experience! Come immerse yourself in Colorado's social frontier located in the heart of the Rino district at 3560 Chestnut Pl, Denver CO 80216.

Siri find me directions to Number 38

What does 'Number 38' mean? if you're claiming Colorado and you don't know, you either failed elementary school history class or you ski in jeans. If you don''t fit either of those descriptions, congratulations you trivia whiz, skip to the next paragraph. Still skiing in jeans huh? That's alright, we'll tell ya!

The great state of Colorado was admitted into the union on 8/1/1876 making it the 38th state to join the good ol' U.S. of A.. Bonus points if you know why Colorado is nicknamed the centennial state (hint: look at the date of incorporation). And there you have it, that's where Number 38 got its name.

lounging at number 38 in Rino

What about the atmosphere? The atmosphere is B fresh approved! After a long high energy day of bombing slopes or climbing ropes, sometimes we just wanna belly up to the bar and replenish our strength with our favorite Colorado beers and some delicious cheeseburgers. Don't judge! When you're out feeling the burn all day you're allowed to pack on some serious calories and Number 38 is a prime spot to refuel your diesel engine. 

No matter what type of adult beverage your belly requires, they've got you covered with 24 recreated tap rooms from Colorado's best breweries, wineries, and distilleries . All of their premium quality fuel is sourced from right here in the Rockies so you know you're only putting the best of the best in that body of yours. Talk about an Eco-friendly supply chain! As Coloradan's we know all to well, less pollution equals more room for activities.

number 38 has 24 rotating tap rooms

What's that you say, you're off the cheeseburgers? We understand, and so does Number 38! That's why they have not one, not two, but four kitchens! That's right, four of em. Denver diners rejoice! Finally, one cohesive destination that the entire crew can eat at! Yes, that includes the dude who only eats meat and his super picky girlfriend that's never tried soup! If you can't find something to eat at Number 38, you should probably just hang out in the car while the rest of us finish up enjoying our lives. 

You're probably saying to yourself, "Ok that all sounds great but what if I didn't make it up to the mountain's today and I'm not looking to smash out on Denver's best craft beer and burgers?" This place still has you covered! The outdoor area is crafted for bodies in motion and the bar offers beer alternatives like vodka, for those who enjoy lower calorie count adult beverages. What we're saying is, you can rip a shot and get busy on the sand volleyball court. There's two of them and they're just waiting for you to play. A bar that you can burn calories at? Imagine that! 

outdoor sand volleyball courts at Number 38

Volleyball not really your speed? There's also an outdoor stage that is fit for a boogie. Break out those dancing shoes and cut a rug to your favorite band or discover something new. The Number 38 stage is set to accommodate Denver's best local talent as well as those household names you hear on the radio. And don't worry, we're not talking top 40! 

The stage at Number 38

Cap all that activity off with everyone's favorite... Drunk shopping! That's where we come in. We've partnered with Number 38 to bring you an immersive B fresh gear shopping experience which will feature our latest looks alongside some one of a kind snags! Our Number 38 pop up shop will feature our latest in person shopping hours because we all know, the more beers we have, the easier that decision becomes!  

b fresh gear pop up at Number 38

Not only is Number 38 an immersive experience, it's pretty damn safe as well! The necessary covid precautions are a given, but Number 38 has gone above and beyond with their cashless wristband format. When you arrive, you'll check in with the hostess, swipe your card, and get your single use wrist band. Your purchases will be automatically tracked and your card on file will be automatically charged upon exit so there's no need to settle up with anyone! This no touch payment solution allows patrons to enjoy Number 38 safely!

So there you have it! The expectation has been set for your night out at Number 38. Join us this Friday, 10/9 for the grand opening! Oh and we should probably mention the hours and the address again:

Number 38

3560 Chestnut Pl

Denver, CO 80216

Thrs & Fri: 3pm-11pm
Sat: 11am-11pm
Sun: 11am-10pm
NON-COVID hours (when the time is right)
Mon-Wed: Closed
Thurs & Fri: 3pm-12am
Sat: 11am-12am
Sun: 11am-10pm


Grab some beers, grab some burgers, and grab some b fresh gear! We'll see you out there!