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All that Racket - Crushable Hat

Ultra rad crushable hats with a nylon sailor strap across the front.

Sooo much style you better get used to hearing " Yo that's DOPE, where did you get that?"

You crush it on the court, you crush it at the water cooler, and you especially crush it with your style! And let me tell you, this is the perfect hat for you to crush whatever comes your way! On and off the court. 

The lightweight nylon construction makes it breathable enough to play in. You’ll be depositing sweat into that sweat band like Andre Agassi did with his mullet wig.  

And the top notch design? Well that just makes it wearable… at all times! Who cares how sweaty you just got your retro hat, when your head game is this dope, you power through and continue to rock it. And when you do decide to take it off, don’t worry about it getting crushed in your tennis bag- it’s crushable and will retake its shape because it’s made out of reinforced nylon and that’s just what it does. The All That Racket crushable hat by B Fresh. A 90’s hat worth crushing! 


  • Embroidered B Fresh logo
  • All That Racket print 
  • Color coordinated sailor strap
  • Embossed metal clasp
  • Leather strap closure
  • One Size fits all