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Some things are made to be crushed! 

Macro beers, cheeseburgers, hiking trails, and paper cups are just a few of things that I enjoy crushing the most. You know what’s not made to be crushed tho- most things you wear! Crush you sunglasses, you’re blind. Crush your shoes, you get blisters. Crush your favorite hat and it gets creases and looks like trash so now you’re forced to go hatless which exposes that balk spot atop your head. Total bummer! 

That’s why we’re dropping crushable hats! They’re built with reinforced nylon twill which is designed to hold shapeliness, even after getting crushed. Take it from me; this one time I packed my lucky red hat in my checked luggage and when I got to my destination and pulled it out, it was completely crushed and creased. Not a good lookl! I’ve also crushed and creased a hat while at the gas station. You know, you get out of the car and for some stupid reason you take your hat off (wipe the sweat off your brow), toss the hat onto the drivers seat and continue to pump gas. After 3 minutes there’s no heckin way you’ll remember where you put your hat which means you’re gonna sit right on it as you get back in the car and boom! You’ve just crushed your favorite hat. 

In an effort to solve these very serious problems, B Fresh has finally engineered a line of crushable hats. Sit on em, pack em’ at the bottom of your suitcase, body slam them into oblivion and watch them retake their shape time and time again. 

B Fresh crushable nylon hats; they’re the solution to a problem you didn’t know you had. And they’re super comfy and breathable too. 

It really is headwear, elevated.