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That's So 90's - Crushable Hat

The only hat you need for that next 90's party! 

Aptly named the 90’s hat… Just look at it! Look at that pattern. The construction. The fabric. Would ya just look at it! Everything about this hatscreams90’s. It’s the perfect 90’s flair in fact. And if you’re not sporting the bare minimum of 20 pieces of 90’s flair, can you really call yourself a 90’s kid? 

Don’t want to identify as a 90’s kid when you’re mingling with today’s twenty something year olds? No worries, just take the hat off and toss it aside for awhile. The beauty of this hat is that it is made with reinforced nylon so its quite crushable which means you don’t have to worry about creases and such if you do toss it aside and then decide to break it back out later. 

This really is the ultimate piece of 90’s headwear and will surely land you a mountain of compliments. 90’s style! 



  • B Fresh patch logo
  • That's so 90's design 
  • Color coordinated sailor strap
  • Embossed metal clasp
  • Leather strap closure
  • One Size fits all