The Don Johnsons - 80's Visor Sunglasses

  • We all have our vices! Too much partying... Sleeping till 3pm… Calling in sick because your favorite game franchise just dropped a new release… We’re not here to judge, we’re here to help you mask your vices like a real Don Johnson! On set, he played Sonny Crocket, a buck wild cop. Offset, he got buck wild in these vintage sunglasses while burying his face in piles of what he fictionally confiscated onset. To offset rumors that he wasn't the biggest party animal in Miami while offset, he aptly named these rad shades after himself one day while onset. The Don Johnson Visor Shades by B Fresh Gear equipped with matching sunglasses strap! These vintage visor shades have UV400 polarized lenses and are ready to mask your Don Johnson sized vices! Grab a pair of these and become Amigos with Flamingos like a regular Don Jonson, or Sonny, or whatever the hell you call yourself to offset the onset.