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Don Johnsons - Visor Shades

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Don Johnsons
Don Johnson has a lot of vices! None more gripping than his Miami Vice. On set he played Sonny Crocket, a buck wild cop. Offset he got buck wild in these Sunnies and buried his face in piles of what he fictionally confiscated onset. To offset rumors that he wasn't the biggest party animal in Miami while offset, he aptly named these shades after himself one day while onset. Because if you're partying in Miami in the 80's, you need something to offset the fact that you've been bashing crooks with Sonny while onset while partying a little too hard with Don Johnson while offset. These vintage visor shades will offset whatever you want them to while set on your face. Adorned with beautiful pink flamingos and heavily polarized with UV400. Grab a pair of these and become Amigos with Flamingos like a regular Don Jonson, or Sonny, or whatever the hell you call yourself to offset the onset.  The sun want to burn you, but you won't let it, will ya! Nope, grab a pair of these and roundhouse kick the sun like it stole your car.


Weird and wiggly, perfect for a 12 pack and a van down by the river.

  • Polarized lenses
  • UV-400 Protective
  • Flamingo design
  • Include Matching Sunglasses Cord
  • Miami Vice Ready!