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Big Fungus - Fanny Pack

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How to best describe the Big Fungus fanny pack? Well, it's clearly a super fresh ass fanny pack but besides that...

Let's roll play for a quick sec- If I see you at a show and your rocking the Big Fungus fanny pack by B fresh, and I approach you and ask, 'hey, what's in your fanny pack?' and without missing a beat you quickly reply, 'drugs.' then I'd venture to say that this particular fanny pack is THE perfect fanny pack for you! 

Chill out guys, it's not drugs if it's legal and we live in Colorady where a lot of stuff is now legal. What you put in this retro fanny pack after it crosses state lines is not the responsibility of B fresh gear. Tho we might cheer you on! 

Anyways, if you're a mushroom maniac, then this pack is probably also for you! The whole drug bit was just a joke. An accurate joke, but a joke nonetheless. 

Oh! And if you live in the midwest and go frolicking for Morel's, this fanny pack is DEFINITELY FOR YOU!! Plus, our fanny packs have four pockets so you can fit like 30 Morel's or so. 

  • Faux Leather Label
  • 4 Pouches
  • Black Buckle
  • Durable YKK Zippers
  • Sublimated Green Belt
  • Adjustable Belt (16 x 53 in’)
  • Secure Back Pocket (12 x 6 in’)
  • Oversized Front Pocket (8.5 in x 6 in’)
  • Large Front pocket- (7.5 x 5 in’)
  • Bonus Front Pocket- (7.5 x 3.5 in’)
  • Wearable fungus for fungi's and gals.