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Big Fungus - Reversible Swimwear

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"A girlfriend who bought a b fresh reversible swimsuit kept getting called Psilocybin! Cuz all the guys were tripping while walking by it!' 

Careful ladies, this one takes you past the point of looking like a snack to looking like some delicious... extra curricular activities?! 
You're gonna love the Big Fungus double-sided swim suit if you love mushies like we think you do!
Reishi's (that's fashion), Lions Mane (that's focus), Cordyceps (that's compliments), Chaga (that's sexy), Turkey's Tail (that's sassy), and of course those whacky lil Psilocybin's (that's spiritual). It's a concoction of freshness and confidence! 
It's the type of statement piece that says 'I'm in control of this shit'! 

And let's not even get started on the flip side- our Nickel print which is sure to turn heads and accents too well with anything gold! 
So uh, yea- next time you fly to Vegas, ya best pack this luggage saver and get ready to trip out over the compliments! 

*Disclaimer* B fresh is not responsible for whatever may be offered to you on behalf of you wearing any of our garments which bare the Big Fungus design. 
In other words, you should only wear Big Fungus if you like to party. 

       Let's talk exchanges and refunds!  Hygiene is important.  Good hygiene is even better!  Swimwear is designed to snuggle up right on the flesh, which means your private bits and crevices have probably been all up in that swimsuit.  Would you want to buy a garment that's been all up another persons areas? Probably not. Due to this notion, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on any swimwear that has been removed from its shrink wrapped packaging.  Sorry, but somebody has to look out for the germaphobes.  Please read the size chart carefully. 

Care instructions: 
Machine wash cold. 
Do not bleach. 
Always hang dry.