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Biggie What's Beef Dad - Hat

Pre Order! Ships 6/10/24

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven,eight, nine… Ten! It’s the ten fresh commandments.

  1. You can’t be fresh if you ain’t B Fresh
  2. Crushed Corduroy is in!
  3. Always match your hat to one other piece of your outfit.
  4. Strapbacks are cleaner than snapbacks. We use faux leather for ours cuz we like the animals. 
  5. It went from curved bill to flat bill but its back to curved bill. Bet! 
  6. Biggie beat Pac in a head to head showdown. We made hats of each, biggie outsold Pac 2:1.
  7. Biggie is a better rapper. Pac is a better song-writter. 
  8. Peaches Hot House in Bed Stuy is fire!
  9. The Chicken sandwich at Commodore in Williamsburg is better! 
  10. Juicy is top three rap songs of all time!

The Biggie Dad hat. It’s a top ten hat in any hat collection! Shop now, we ship for free to Brooklyn and the other four buroughs! 


  • Embroidered cartoon Biggie
  • Blue Micro corduroy fabric
  • Faux leather strapback
  • Better than today’s rap music
  • One Size fits all