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BOOM it's the Holidays- Christmas Card

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And just like that, BOOM, it's the holidays again.

This is THE perfect holiday card for that blabbering fool of a friend we all have. And by that I mean the fantasy football fan in your life. Hahah. I know I'm a blabbering idiot when I talk about my fantasy football team. You know, some people can just channel their inner Jon Madden and talk themselves into circles. The point is, there is no point other than have a happy holidays and the give the gift of a funny novelty card.

Because some cards are better than none cards! 



  • Hand Drawn illustrations by @skizottizart
  • 18 pt card stock
  • Envelope included with each card purchase
  • Glue on envelope non toxic so you won't die like Susan. 
  • They got the 1st down because they were able to move the ball