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Camouflage - Headband

Rambo lives at the end. When asked how he pulled it off, he simply said, “I’d like to thank my headband for holding my hair back and stopping the sweat from getting into my eyes. The headband gave me the added strength when my glistening muscles grew tired from combat. If I could recommend one piece of tactical gear, it’s the headband.” If John Rambo said it, it must be the truth, that guy doesn’t mess around. Grab your B fresh headband now. Our camouflage design is comprised of pinup girls which makes our camo print the sexiest on the market. Pair the Camouflage headband with the Camo Visor Shades and stay completely hidden while you stalk your prey.   

    • State of the art pinup girl camo print
    • Reversible
    • Ties tight, one size fits all
    • Machine washable
    • Breathable, lightweight, soft and cool against the skin
    • Wicking to help pull sweat away from the skin and dry quickly
    • 2.5" tall by 40" wide