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Sun Blockers - Extra Lenses

Reflective Blue
Reflective Gold
Reflective Silver
Reflective Orange
Reflective Red
Reflective Smoke
Reflective Green
Low Light Pink
Low Light Green
Low Light Yellow
Low Light Purple
Low Light Blue

Different situations call for different lenses! 

That's why we developed a frame that supports interchangeable lenses.

High light situation? Grab a fully Revo, Polarized & UV400 lens and defeat the sun at its own game.

Low light situation? Grab an opaque, UV400 lens and avoid crashing because you didn't see that branch in your path! 

Need to dress your Sun-Blockers down a bit? We also offer a Polarized & UV400 lens without the Revo coating so it's not  so flashy. 

One pair of sunglasses for every situation! That's the B fresh vision.