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The Cordial - Fanny Pack

11 reviews

Boy I tell ya, there never was a kinder, more welcoming fanny pack than the Cordial!  What a nice fanny pack that retro fanny pack is! So warm and friendly, quick to help out whenever presented the opportunity.  Boy Howdy! A real go getter that vintage fanny pack is! Everyone around town has a good tale about The Cordial Fanny Pack. Mine? Well, one day I was returning home from the grocery store and, well, I try to be environmentally conscious and I forgot my reusable tote bag, and the plastic bags that the store has, that’s not even an option. So there I am, walking home practically juggling my groceries I’m carrying so many of them!  Anyways, I trip myself up on the sidewalk and I drop my groceries. Thank heavens nothing broke. Then, out of the corner of my I spot that Cordial bum bag approaching me! The Cordial picked all my groceries up and even helped me carry them all the way to my doorstep! I love that Cordial fanny pack! Heck, ever since that day I’ve saved Cordial a plate at thanksgiving dinner. Thanks Cordial! What a cool fanny pack.  

  • 4 pouches
  • Pleather Label
  • Black buckle
  • Durable YKK zippers
  • Limited Artist Collaboration
  • Adjustable Belt (16 x 53 in’)
  • Secure Back Pocket (12 x 6 in’)
  • Oversized Front Pocket (8.5 in x 6 in’)
  • Large Front pocket- (7.5 x 5 in’)
  • Bonus Front Pocket- (7.5 x 3.5 in’)


Polyester/ Cotton

 YKK Zippers