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Dunkaroos - Visor Shades

40 reviews
  • Listen up you shady S.O.B! You’re a river rat and you know it! You’re the type to change your own oil, take a tube down class 4 rapids, and crush beers even if they’re warm. You’re a true champion! The moon gave you props when you round house kicked the sun! You put on your B Fresh Visor Shades and started kicking a hot day right in the business! You double shaded sun puncher you! Legend has it that your visor sunglasses got you 20% off your last booze run! Equipped with a sunglasses strap so they’ll never lose you in the party! Polarized, UV 400, full revo lenses- You’re flexing on the sun like its midnight! The sunglasses that convince you to strike a pose on a strangers hood and pour beer in your fanny pack!