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Elmer Fudd Plaid - Hat

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Elmer Fudd - Plaid

We are now featuring Elmer Fudd's fully tactical ear flap hat.  Wabbit season comes with chilly gusts and early sunsets, protect your ears from the nip of the cold with our B Fresh Gear Elmer Fudd hats.  When it's nippy outside, to not have an Elmer Fudd hat is a real nip slip. These are supreme for crisp fall strolls to the doughnut shop at 2am, day drinking at all winter sporting events, and huntin' of course!  

                 Huntin' what, you ask?  Big game. All day! Huntin' down your meal on a Saturday; warm ears.  On the hunt for your precious; toasty head. You'll be warm headed, fashionable, and under the influence of good advice.  Don't let your ears experience a nip slip. They'll turn red. B Fresh Gear Elmer Fudd hats, this 5 panel black corduroy hat will keep your ears not red, which is warm. 

  • Bamboo Label
  • Black wide ribbed corduroy
  • Plaid ear flaps
  • One size fits all