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Emerald Coast FUDS - Stretch Shirt

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You’ve been working on that hot bod in preparation for the years best beach volley ball tournament (no, I’m not talking about the Manhattan Beach 6 man). And the last thing you wanna do is cover up that chest once FUD’s arrives. Weather you’re rocking a 6 pack, or a 6 pack in the cooler, let that beautiful body show! 

But here’s the dilemma, you may or may not want to get sunburns and you may also want a rash guard for the sand. 

This shirt is the best of both worlds!

First of all it’s a button down so you can choose how much chest to show, or you can cover the whole damn pot roast up. 

Second, it’s made with s four way stretch spandex/poly blend so it’s made to move and stretch with you. In other words, the shirt is probably more athletic than you, especially after a night out at Fudpuckers. 

Best part, the design is official! Send a message to the opponents like ‘hey, not only am I serious about volleyball and fashion, I’m also here to drink your last beer after I spike you in the face!’

The limited edition FUD’s stretch shirt. Snag one now before they sell out. 

  •  4 Way Stretch
  •  Moisture Wicking
  • Front Pocket
  • Button Down
  • 94% Polyester 6% Spandex


Care instructions: 
Machine wash cold. 
Do not bleach. 
Always hang dry.