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Coral Reefer - Sun Shirt

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 Skin tired of all that lathering and those gross chemicals they put in sunscreen? If only there was another way to avoid sunburns!

Look, you seem like you're pretty heady. Into the organics, recycling, and all that good jazz. And we know you ain't putting anything with chemicals on your skin. Which is why last time you brought your crystals out to the beach for a re-charge, you got super burned!

It wasn't the crystals fault and it's not because Mercury drinks Gatorade. No, that's just how the sun works. It has a tendency to burn things, especially our skin! 

So, next time you're out b-hole sunning or whatever, wear a Sunshirt and avoid your skin getting crispier than a strip of fired vegan bacon. These polyester/spandex shirts are SPF50 and they won't soak your skin in gross chemicals unless you douse it with LSD which is on you.

But, enough of that- the important thing is that you stop getting burned while on your holistic quests for spiritual evolution. So roll up your organic Coral Reefer and hit the beach with confidence that you won't get burned... again! 


  • Coral reefer all over sublimation print
  • Hooded with sinch button for maximum wind breakage 
  • Oversized sleeves with thumb holes for maximum reach
  • Unisex
  • Lightweight
  • Quick dry


  • 95% polyester 
  • 5% spandex


  • Hand or Machine Wash Cold
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Hang Dry