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Hippie Daze - Fanny Pack

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If there was ever a fanny pack where doobies should be kept, the Hippie Daze fanny pack, is that bumbag! Four stash pockets? That’s ridiculous, and a bit redundant.

Ok, how about one stash pocket, one pocket for your phone keys & wallet cuz once you catch that Hippie Daze you’re going to need help keeping your sh*t together. One pocket for your snacks, cuz once you catch that Hippie Daze you’re gonna need some munch munch. And one pocket for whatever the hell else a hippie in a daze might need to stash..? Seashells? Pocket change? Napkin notes?

It’s your choice really!


  • Faux Leather Label
  • 4 Pouches
  • Black Buckle
  • Durable YKK Zippers
  • Pink Belt
  • Adjustable Belt (16 x 53 in’)
  • Secure Back Pocket (12 x 6 in’)
  • Oversized Front Pocket (8.5 in x 6 in’)
  • Large Front pocket- (7.5 x 5 in’)
  • Bonus Front Pocket- (7.5 x 3.5 in’)