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The Forester - Socks

Imagine dropping your date off and they invite you inside! Once you get through the front door they ask you to take your shoes off… and your dumb ass decided to rock socks with holes in em’?

Oh no pimpin’, that ain’t a good look at all. 

Sock check! 

Do your socks have holes in them? 

Yes? Toss them out immediately and shoot an email to help@bfreshgear.com so David can help you turn your life around ASAP! 

Ask for the ‘holeinmysock’ discount and tell him B sent ya. 

Sock check!

Do your socks match? 

No? C’mon now, we’re adults here. 

Believe it or not, mismatching socks don’t really add to your mystique or come across as unique. They kinda just make it look like your lazy with your laundry. So, if your socks don’t match, let’s go ahead and toss those out too. And yes, you may also email help@bfreshgear.com and explain to David that you’ve never had socks fresh enough to match; he’ll get you straightened out right away. 

Sock check!

Do your socks match anything else you’re currently rocking? 

No? Alright, that’s an easy fix! 

At B fresh, we’re rolling out a new initiative aimed at freshening up yo feet! 

You don’t have to walk 500 miles in my socks to get a thousand compliments, nah, all you gotta do is put them on! 

There’s a plethora of designs to choose from and guess what, every single pair has something else on the site to match it. Because yes pimp, we’re all about matchy matchy and accessorizing! 

These matching socks are the juice that’ll put the pep-in-yo-step! The proverbially rug that ties the whole room together. Ain’t no half stepping goin on in these B fresh socks. 

Like a treat for your feet! Fresh feet socks by B fresh gear. Cuz Ain’t no one got time for mismatched socks with holes in em’. 

So slap on a pair of our fresh feet socks and step out in style!

Keep your feet fresh!

Crew Socks

78% Cotton - 20% Polyester - 2% Spandex

Medium - Mens size 8-12