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Great White Gators - Visor Shades

Gator don’t take no sh*t! 

The white gators are for those with an elusive lifestyle. If captain A'hab of the socialites has trouble fingering you, these vintage shades are for you!  A master of duality. These are 'party sunglasses' and, 'I take my business got danged serious sunglasses', in one! You need these because you’re the rare breed that has know how, tolerance, and the utmost respectable manners. Your parents raised you right. You certainly know how to let loose, but you’re also hyper aware. Only your closest friends get to see the unadulterated ‘behind closed doors’ version of you. You're a well rounded individual with the elusiveness  of a unicorn taking a rainbow poop.                         If this description fits you, the White Gator Visor Shades are for you! The perfect polarized party accessory. Match these UV 400 sunglasses with a black or white suit and some gator skin shoes and instantly upgrade your lifestyle to the 6 figure club! The type of sharp ass looking sunglasses that you leave on in the movie theater, because you're a mysterious Adonis! 


  • Polarized lenses
  • UV-400 Protective
  • White Gator print
  • Includes Matching Sunglasses Cord
  • Never texts back, just shows up