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Mint Penguin Vest


This Insulated polyester Mint Penguin puffy vest will keep your core warm while allowing your pythons to breath and roam free. With 5 different shades of green!

The stitch count on the embroidered logos is higher than your Egyptian cotton sheets! Did you check out the Neon Icon 8 bit head logo on the left breast?  That's gonna get you a lot of compliments! Even more impressive is the oversized penguin logo on the back of the garment. Not to mention the shimmer and shine from the polyester fabric. WoW! 

Magenta pearl snap buttons make the pockets POP and match the buttons on the rest of the vest creating a top notch complimentary color scheme. This ain't no middle of the mall puffer vest. This is that Horst Simco x B fresh gear luxury vest!


  • Water Resistant Nylon Shell
  • Unisex
  • Durable and warm
  • Pink snap buttons
  • Two tone hand warmers 


Water Resistant Nylon