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Davy Jones - Sun Shirt


Ever gotten a sunburn on your first day of vacation? That's the worst! You work your ass off to pile up all that vacation time and then you finally get to paradise only to have the whole trip sucked down to Davy Jones locker cuz you got a stupid sunburn!

Wasted vacation time? NO F'in WAY MANNNN! 

Enjoy that hard earned vacation time with the Davy Jones SPF 50 sun shirt! It'll help you avoid the burn so you can continue to focus on partying, and or relaxing (however you vacation), without those rude interruptions from the sun! 

Why'd we name this Sunshirt the Davy Jones? Cuz, it has those cool water-scape colors. Like the one's you see when you're going down deep on those salty waters.  


  • Moody water-scape color scheme 
  • Hooded with sinch button for maximum wind breakage 
  • Oversized sleeves with thumb holes for maximum reach
  • Unisex
  • Lightweight
  • Quick dry


  • 95% polyester 
  • 5% spandex


  • Hand or Machine Wash Cold
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Hang Dry