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Ski Colorado Pom Top - Beanie

This is a lifestyle statement piece! Colorado over Utah. Lift beers over hot tub and lounge. Pom top over over skull cap. Wait, what? What our investors told us to say is; ski's over snowboards, back country over terrain parks and spread eagles over board grabs.  If Shawn White skied, this is the dope beanie he would smash a gold run in! I mean, let's face it, the snowboarders already have rad retro outfits on lock. It’s time someone created some retro heat for all the heady skiers out there! Taking the most upscale resorts back to the 80's! You know, those party mountain days.  As if this cotton/poly blend didn't have enough heat to keep your lodge warm all winter long, its' offered with a matching Ski Colorado Turtleneck too. So grab your poles and hit the slopes. The Ski Colorado beanie will help you crush that mountain of powder in 1980's fashion. Spread eagle my friends!


  • One size fits all
  • Ski Colorado embroidered patch
  • Warm and soft
  • Pom Top


Acrylic, Cotton.