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The 77' Vest


The 77

It's no secret, when it comes to fashion, we're heavily inVESTed. inVESTigating modern trends is our job, and we always do our best to add a vintage throwback feel to our new new. You could say our style is a bit VESTigial, with remnants of eras past! We dug deep into our parents closets to harVEST our latest collection! Modern, yet vintage. Because it would be a traVESTy if we did things the same old way as the other guys. Ok, enough with the puns, without further ado we present the unisex B FRESH VINTAGE SKI VESTS! This vest is the most eye catching vest in the collection. With a classic 70's cut and paint job to match, this is the 77 chevy pickup of our vintage ski vests. Cherry. Pristine. Tough like your granddaddy. Built to take a beating and still appear soft on the eyes. This is the first chair, spiked coffee, always beat you down the mountain vest. Competitive by nature, friendly by design. Just try to stay mad at that color palette! This B Fresh Gear Vintage Ski Vest is comprised of a nylon shell, nylon lining and an unsuspectingly warm polyester filling! Just like a hot tub time machine, this vest takes you back to the years of party mountain! Ah yes, 1977 was a good year indeed. 

  • Water Resistant Nylon Shell
  • Unisex
  • Durable and warm
  • Button up
  • 70s style vintage design


Water Resistant Nylon