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Summits For a Cause: "Quandary, A peak for Shirley and Robert Harrity"

February 15, 2016 1 min read 0 Comments

So today marks the 3rd summit of the yearly goal of 53 but the 1st summit for my peaks for Alzheimer's and raising awareness of this disease through stories and dedications. Today's peak is dedicated to Shirley and Robert Harrity, the grandparents of one of my close friends @lampshadetheory. Shirley passed from the disease shortly before Robert, as anyone who has been through this struggle knows, it's not only the person but the family that suffers as well. Robert was not diagnosed with the disease but was there day and night with Shirley until the day she passed. True love cannot be broken, or limited. The quote is one that has inspired me when dealing with loss, and I hope that it's message will carry. Please share this post and message, help me spread the word. The full write up will be on my blog tonight here.  Thanks to @bfreshgear for keeping me warm and stylin, and @littlemanicecream for the sweater I am wearing and the ice cream pint that was lost on the hike up. And finally thank you for @kindsnacks for giving me your support and a nice snack while I'm trying to spread these stories. Bless you all.

- Logan Williams.