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Vintage Sunglasses that thread the needle.

September 03, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

Are these just party sunglasses?  Of course not, they have serious practicality too! See the sight unseen, these polarized lenses are adjusted for you to do all kinds of cool shit!  Just ask the ladies at www.moopshop.com Chances are you wound up on this page by fate. You need these visor sunglasses in your life, they are your spirit animal! Your day drinking buddy when you’re the only one with day drinking free time on a random Tuesday afternoon. River rats rejoice! These lenses are polarized. The perfect pair of shades to help you beat those grumpy ol men to that prized catch! Grab yourself a 12 pack (no sharing) fill the inner tube up, bait the line, and get your float on. Land sport more your thing? Thats perfectly alright. You and your visor sunglasses can crush beers together on your favorite hike, bike ride, disc golf course, hell take them to the links and get real classy with it! From sport to leisure, suit to… birthday suit… these retro sunglasses suit you. They want you! They want to go spring skiing with you. They want to feel the wind whip thru your hair. They want to hear you say, “feels like I'm wearing nothing at all! Nothing at All! NOTHING AT ALL!”. After a day of activity, these retrospecs don’t want to nap. Hell no! They want to down 2 beers in the shower, smoke a joint and show up to the party fashionably early so they get first dibs on drinks! They want to be the only pair of party sunglasses you’ll ever date again. Going to an 80’s party, thats cool, these guys are multi cultural doubling down as the only pair of retro sunglasses you’ll ever need. So break things off with all your other pairs of vintage sunglasses immediately and show your love and devotion for these visor sunglasses. They will love you back. They will love you long and deep! They will be by your side, together looking like the shadiest kids on the block! They’re here to protect you from those damn UV rays because they care about your health! And they’re charming enough to help Grandma with the gardening! Thats love. Get Yours.