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November 15, 2023 2 min read 0 Comments

The new sunglasses are here! The new sunglasses are here!

Just in time for sun-glare season! Sun-glare can be quite dangerous and literally gives new meaning to ‘blinded by the light’!

Question for you- What are the chances you’ll be driving eastbound between 6am-9am or westbound between 3-6pm? Those are your peak sun-glare times for the next 5 months (welcome to the dark ages where the moon rises by 5pm). During sun-glare season it’s essential to equip yourself with proper protection! Which is why we’re dropping all this new Performance Enhancing Eyewear (PEE). Or in layman's terms, rad AF sunglasses!

We like to think of it as an obligation to make sure you and your ride arrive in one piece. Colorado drivers know, once those leaves hit the ground and daylight savings begins, driving during sun-glare hours, well that there is expert level driving! And one thing you should know about sun-glare times is that they also coincide with rush hour traffic. Double Whammy!

Imagine whizzing down the highway with the sun blasting right into your windshield. The guy in front of you slams on his brakes, your reaction time is slower than usual cuz your vision is getting blasted, and so by the time you hit your brakes, it’s too late! You’re now involved in a full fledged fender bender with a bill coming, and let me guess, you most definitely have more important things you could have spent that $2,000 on? That’s sun-glare for you!

So here’s some simple math: buy a pair of our PEE sunglasses for $70 and you’ll automatically save $1,930 because these sunglasses are designed to battle back against sun-glare. In fact, these sunglasses are like kryptonite to the sun! Better yet, they’re like a virgin on prom night; the sun simply can’t penetrate.

You and your car are now protected by Polarization and UV-400 technology. That’s top tier eye-protection when it matters most! And to boot, you know you’re going to get a million compliments on these things because they’re designed by us and that’s our main job! To get you more compliments. Each pair of Performance Enhancing Sunglasses comes with three interchangeable lenses!

Now why would we go and do that?

Because different situations call for different lenses! Sometimes you need a low light lens which isn’t polarized (not recommended for sun-glare season), and sometimes you need a polarized lens that makes a fashion statement (think flexing on the pickle ball court). On one hand, you’re getting performance enhancing sunglasses, on the other hand, you’re getting a ton of compliments (and possibly a phone number at the next red light) all for $70!?

Yep. That’s what you get when you choose to B Fresh!

B Fresh sunglasses are also a great way to increase your batting average, add speed to your roller blades, and air under your skis. That’s a helluva fresh deal!

Meet the new lineup!

Wacka Flocka
Wave Gang
Everything’s Peachy

Purple People Eaters
The Squigs