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October 18, 2023 2 min read 0 Comments

Let me tell you about this magical place called Ft. Walton beach where twice a year a bunch of really well behaved volley ball players descend upon the white sands of the emerald coast and compete for bragging rights in a 4,000+ player tournament. The atmosphere, the environment, the people; it’s all very serious! Winners advance while losers go to Al’s Beach Bar for a rum bucket.

The unofficial slogan of the people- ‘if you didn’t come to win, you must have come to drink and no one came to win except that guy.’

Which is probably why, in recent years, the winning brackets have been comprised of players under 21. They just haven’t had their first sip of FUDs yet. But once that sweet nectar hits their lips, they’ll be dressing up in gorilla suits, tutus, and clown costumes in no time. It’s just some good ol fashioned fun on the beach with a twist of competition!

And let me tell you, fun is an understatement. Imagine going on spring break with 1,069 of your closest friends, as an adult. Now imagine waking up feeling like butt cheeks and immediately heading out to the beach to compete in a matchup of fours. Now imagine that you forgot to wear sunscreen…

The struggle can be real but what’s more real is the home style fun! Just don’t get caught delaying your next match up. Cuz if it’s found out that you’re late due to a hangover, or because you’re lathering up with sunscreen, or worse yet, because you’re taking photos… The tournament president, Minich II Society, will absolutely roast you over the loud speakers. I’m telling you, this guy doesn’t miss a beat. Reminds me of those 80’s & 90’s ski movies where the guy comes over the loud speakers to recap yesterdays events and set the table for todays. ‘Tony got hammered and fell asleep in his lounge chair yesterday causing him to develop 2nd degree burns which made him miss the Fudpuckers party and so Jenny hooked up with Troy instead. And this morning we’ve got Tony and Troy going head to head in a battle of courtship for Jenny’s love. Hope Jenny likes drama cuz it’s about to get real thick.’

The kids these days always say ‘it was a movie’ and as cliche as that sounds, every time we’ve been to FUDs that’s exactly what it is. Might have to get Danny McBride on board to make a cheesy beach volleyball movie reminiscent of 1991’s Ski School, FUD’s style! 

Now that you understand a bit about FUD’s culture, check out our latest capsule launch! The fall 23’ official FUD’s players pack fit. Inspired by volleyball and debauchery on the white sands of the emerald coast, we being to you this volleyball spiked floral print. Rock it on a four way stretch shirt, trunks, or accessorize it with a fanny pack and or a bucket hat. Or, show your true FUD’s pride and rock the whole danged get up!

We’ll see you on the beach FUD’s fam!