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March 06, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Don't hate!. Collaborate!  Every year, we team up with an artist that slakes our lust for 90's patterns, gummy bears, and juice boxes! We originally spotted this years featured artists' work on a B-cycle while on a booze cruise from Denver Beer Co to Great Divide Brewing.  Side note- don't drink and drive because you may just stumble upon future connections on your way home!  Back to the B-Cycle! Bunting Brian Blake was three sheets to the wind as he approached a B-Cycle station (not ideal but safer than driving).  He noticed the artwork on the bike- it had a slice of cake with a cherry on top; but the real cherry on top with this design was the Nike air force one shoe with shoe laces spilling into a decadent pink abyss! "Whoa", thought Brian, "whoever this artist is would design a killer fanny pack and like, other super awesome retro gear!".  One wobbly bike ride and a hangover later, Brian dug up Daynomnom's contact and was like, "yo Daynomnom, your designs are delicious!".  She was like, "I know, that's why nom nom is the name!".  Next, the creative process took hold and a collaborative effort between B Fresh and Daynomnom jumped off! Cowboys and bull skulls, fruit snacks and orange slices! We're not going to reveal everything that this collaboration entails but expect to see super dope designs, reminiscent of 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' and 'Saved By the Bell' drop on fanny packs this year that have Daynomnom's signature all over them!  Want to learn about Daynomnom?  Keep reading dude!

  Daynomnom is a Denver-based illustrator/designer whose actual name is Dayna Safferstein. She specializes in food illustration and believes there is nothing more beautiful than food. When she is not designing UX/UI, you can find her sketch-booking obsessively or lurking at the bar of a local restaurant surrounded by sandwiches, drawing and eating, sometimes accidentally drinking her paint water. Its a trait that the colorful elite all partake in- surprised you didn't know that! She has illustrated for several local restaurants including Leven Deli and There... and her work graces the pages of four published cookbooks. Delicious! Some notable freelance clients include Meow Wolf, B-cycle, the Denver Theater District, and of course B Fresh. Yeah boi! She can be reached at dasafferstein@gmail.com or through her website at daynasafferstein.com. She is always down to discuss creative opportunities in UX/UI, textile design, or illustration. But you'd better buy the b Fresh crew Daynomnoms favorite sandwich if you nabbed her contact from our blog! Nah, were kidding, but you should totally hire her so she can stop drinking paint water ;)