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June 30, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

Woman wearing BFresh All That Racket swimsuit by pool.

This is Sally. Sally searched for weeks to find the perfect swimsuit for her Memorial Day party to kick off the summer. She looked high and low for a cheeky one-piece swimsuit.

When she finally found the one, she got so many compliments that she decided to rock the suit all summer long! One pool party after another, she slayed in her swimsuit, but one day she noticed that the stains from spilled aperol spritzers and strawberry margs had become too much. So, before she left one day, she fished her favorite swimsuit, still wet from the day before, out of a heap of clothes and threw it in the washing machine. Having to go to another pool party and not wanted to be in a wet suit, she quickly threw it in the dryer, on high, she was in a hurry!

Woman in B Fresh All That Racket swimsuit with man in B Fresh Into the Abbiss swimsuit posing by pool.

Well, after a few weeks of doing this, she noticed her swimsuit had started to look old and worn, even though summer was barely half over! She tried to find the same one, but they were sold out, and she never found one that came close to being as trendy and dope.

Woman wearing B Fresh All That Racket swimsuit floating in pool.

The rest of her summer was ruined, and no one invited her to a pool party or complimented her swimsuit ever again.

 Don’t be like Sally. Take care of your swimsuit!

Woman wearing B Fresh All That Racket swimsuit pushing a man wearing B Fresh Cordial swimsuit into pool.

This has happened to everyone. You finally find the perfect swimsuit for summer. Spending the first months of warmer weather poolside with a margarita rocking that new suit, you find by summer solstice, it’s already faded, sagging, or pilled. Taking care of swimsuits can be tricky, there are a million do’s and don’ts, and nobody has time for care labels!

 So here are some low maintenance tips for keeping your swimsuit fresh all summer long!

  • Always rinse your swimsuit with fresh water after you wear it. Pool chemicals will stay in your suit, even after you get out of the water, and cause it to degrade quicker. Chemicals in sunscreen do the same, so whether or not you get in the water, rinse your swimsuit!
  • After you rinse out your suit, hang it up to dry. It’s a lot easier to wad it up in a towel and forget about it but letting it dry will help you get more love out of your favorite swimsuit.  
  • Try not to wash your suit in a washing machine or with detergent. But if you have to, use a mild detergent and place your swimsuit in a mesh bag to wash.  Just don’t forget to take it out and hang dry it, because putting it in the dryer is a definite no-no!

Whatever new swimsuit trend you’re rocking, whether velvet, smocked, belted or cheeky, take care of your swimsuit and it will keep you looking amazing all summer long.

Woman wearing B Fresh All That Racket swimsuit and man wearing B Fresh Cordial swimsuit holding hands by pool.