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February 28, 2021 4 min read 0 Comments

Ride Fast and Ride Safe!

Jake DeWare never left the line without hearing those four words. When he did leave the line he rode fast, he rode hard, and he made a lasting impression on every single person he encountered! Regarded as a star on his high school soccer team, if he wasn't tending goal, he was racing snowmobiles. When the snow melted and it was time to put up the skies, Jake either hopped on the lake in his custom built boat, or hit the trail to catch some air on his bike!

Jake DeWare Kindness Project

During the spring of 2020, Jake bought his very own boat for $400. What happened next was a true embodiment of Jakes life motto:

"work hard, play harder!"

Jake worked his butt off to turn that $400 boat into a personalized cruising machine. His sweat, his time - earned him that customized boat! The only thing that outmatched that desire, that effort - was the pleasure and joy in which Jake played on that boat! That summer, Jake and his girlfriend Sydney mastered the art of double wake-surfing, a love dance much more complicated than the tango.


Work hard, play harder!

After a summer of ripping wakes in his visor shades, it was time to put the boat up and break out the dirt bikes. With leaves on the ground and a crisp in the air, Jake continued to do what he always did! He lived life to the fullest! 

11/8/2020, An angel is called above.

While at a family gathering, Jake was involved in a fatal dirt bike accident. It's hard to understand why someone so special, so caring, so hard working, so playful... gets called above so young. The sadness may never subside, but find solace in the fact that Jake lived life to the fullest!

And would you believe it if I told you he still is?

The Jake DeWare Kindness Project is born! In Jakes passing something wonderful has happened! Beyond wonderful actually. Something strange, something beyond our grasp, something... kind! Jake has taught us that there is life after death! His spirit has been hard at work spreading joy and kindness far and wide! He is ever present and paying it forward every single day! 


Thank you, Jake!

Thank you for bringing us the Jake DeWare Kindness Project. Because of you the wait-staff was tipped a $100 bill!

Pay it forward

Because of you the entire neighborhood got to enjoy your favorite cookies!

Random acts of kindness

Because of you a young man got the prizes he was after!  

Jake DeWare Kindness

You can join the Jake DeWare Kindness Project facebook page by clicking right here! Once joined, please send an email to:


And request your kindness cards! These are Jakes calling cards. Do a random act of kindness for somebody today and leave them a card. Tell them about Jake and Jakes passion for helping others and living it to the fullest. Ask them to pass the card along after performing a random act of kindness of their own. If we all take the time to remember Jake, the world will truly become a better place, one act of kindness at a time! 

Long live Jake!

Jake DeWare and the Kindness Project

**An open letter to Jake**

From all of us at B fresh gear, I want to seriously thank you, brother! Your passion for kindness is infectious! We didn't have the chance to meet you in person, but we are bonded in your passing! When I was told that you were cremated in your visor shades I was deeply touched, we all were! I imagine you're the best dressed guy up there! Keep riding the wake brother, keep spreading the kindness and know that we're holding it down for you! One random act of kindness at a time.

Jake DeWare Kindness Project sunglasses

Jake DeWare visor shades

We sent your whole crew visor shades. So they're paying it forward in style now! We also created a plan to raise funds and awareness for your Kindness Project. Anyone who picks up gear from our site will have the option to donate 20% of  the sale to the Jake DeWare Kindness Project if they enter the special code:


Your girlfriend Sydney told us how hype you were when your visor shades arrived! Said you wanted to debut them on the boat but couldn't wait, so you broke them out at dinner the day they arrived. We hope we can continue to spread that level of joy and excitement. Through you, we know we will!

'He poured gallons of life into a pint jar!"

This is my favorite quote of you, Jake. Your girlfriends mom said this about you! That is really telling about the kind of man you were... I know how hard it is to impress the girlfriends parents, lol! She also sent a list of things that you loved to do which I'm going to leave below. Keep crushing it up there in your visor shades brother, especially while doing the things you love!

Jake DeWare sunglasses

Favorite things to do: Dirt bike, hillclimbing, boating, wakeboarding/surfing, snowmobiling and grooming trails, raising farm animals and gardening, working on his trucks, making maple syrup, running his own landscape business that he started at 10, apprentice plumber, biking, hunting and fishing. He truly did everything and fit the most that he could into his short 20 years!

This one's for you Jake!

Love, the B fresh crew ♥️