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March 02, 2022 3 min read 0 Comments


Bad things happen to good folks all the time, & around here we do what we can to put a halt to anything like that- especially when it comes to our friends! The last few years took too many things away from us we love. As far as businesses, even some of those that deserve to still be herewere not immune to the pandemics’ devastation.

Enter the Welton St. Cafe & the dynamic, tight-knit family behind what many have referred to as the “Pulse of Five Points” for decades. Unfortunately, due to looming building repair costs & DUH the pandemic- the doors of Welton St Cafe will close on March 12th if our community doesn’t step up.

Known as a longtime safehold within the rapidly evolving & continually threatened Historic Five Points Denver neighborhood, the loss of the Welton St. Cafe would represent so much more to us than simply not being able to indulge inDenver’s best wings (the Welton St. honey hots!)

OG Denverites Mona & Flynn Dickerson began operating nearly 40 years ago in some capacity with a simple but important mission- to serve up delicious, authentic Denver Caribbean/Soul-inspired cuisine alongside a knowledge-centered environment that would always be safe for every well-meaning person to gather.

Today at least 10 people are needed to operate the bustling & beloved cafe, & at the very center of it all are twin siblings Fathim & Fathima. The duo has authentically & lovingly carried out their parents’ initial dream- to genuinely make lives better via great food & the celebration of African American culture & equality for all human beings.

After nearly a decade, we don’t just consider the folks down at Welton St Cafe casual friends- we are also their forever allies in the the fight against ignorance, racism & all the general bullsh*t we’ve touched upon. We lament for & stand with our brothers & sisters who are faced with being kicked out of the very community they helped create. (For anyone living under a rock, the Five Points Neighborhood in Denver is notorious for the ruthless gentrification that’s been happening here in the last decade.) #StuffYouShouldCareAbout

I guess that you could say we are inVESTED.

So we got with the twins & designed some fanny packs-100% of the proceedswillgo to the $250,000 goal that willensure Welton St. Cafe stays in Five Points along with the heart, soul & history of the Black community in Denver.

TheWelton St. Cafe fanny packs look fresh as hell & are just as vibrant & frankly-freakin’ beautiful as the community they represent. They are available NOW at the Welton St. Cafe in *exclusively small* numbers.

To cop this limited-edition fannypack,we are asking our community members for a minimum donation of $35. HOWEVER, we pressure (ergh, encourage) those of you who are ballin’ out to consider throwin’ as many racks as you feel morally responsible. Again, 100% of the proceeds go directly to Welton St. Cafe.

At the end of the day, we all gotta do our part to be a good person and support other good people. These people personify what it means to be good, what it means to really care about something. They also represent a grim & heartbreaking reminder of the general uphill battle the BIPOC community faces in Denver if we continue to let cultural gems like the Welton St. Cafe slip into the past.

So do your part- Walk, Don’t Run!!!! to the Welton St. Cafe today to grab your fanny! Now you’ll have a place to save a few ofDenver’s bestwings for later. You’re Welcome ;)

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