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July 31, 2023 3 min read 0 Comments

Beer release #5Holy City team brewing B fresh collaboration beer

We just released our fifth collab beer. A fashion brand that has no equipment to brew beer, has now released 5 lip smackingly good brews! 

When I think about how we got here, it’s still kind of a whirlwind. It all started with a compliment. 

‘Dude I love your pizza tiger shirt!’

‘Thanks man!’

‘Have you ever thought about releasing a beer through the brand?’

After a double take, I broke out in song- Grease style, ‘Tell me more, tell me more, tell me more!’.

That quick exchange happened with Dave Arnce, owner of The Shop Beer Co in Tempe Az. And it’s this convo that landed us with beer cans that quite literally match your outfit, and your taste buds. 

B fresh Holy City merch capsule

Fast forward to 7/22/23! Charleston S.C. Or Churchtown as we like to call it. This is the farthest we’ve travelled to release a branded beer! Charlestons finest brewery, Holy City Brewing, had their 12th birthday coming up and they wanted to do something spesh! 

The B Holy POG rattler by Holy City Brewing and B fresh gear

A little back story, Holy City has been a part of our white label program since 2021. That same year we struck up a random relationship with an Instagram photographer based in Charleston- we’re friggin besties btw. His name is John- John hollered at us like you dudes need to hop on a flight and host a photo shoot out here! John has the models and the skillzzz. 

Obviously we were all ‘say less fam’ and boarded that damn plane August of 2021. After a day of hot & sweaty shooting in the muggy southern summer, we stopped in at Holy City for some brewskis. And that’s when I met Chris Brown (his dads name is actually Charlie 😂 ), owner and brewmaster at Holy City. 

So that’s how we knows each other, Holy City & B Fresh. We’ve long talked about a brand collab so when the 12th birthday party presented itself as an opportunity, we jumped all over it! 

B fresh at the Holy City 12th anniversary party.

A beer to match the bucket hat, to match the fanny pack, to match the party shirt, to match the shorts, to match the vibe of the totally awesome and aptly themed 90s party! And to capture the essence of the 90s taste buds, we did a passion fruit, orange, guava recipe. You know cuz POGs were the shiiiiiitttt in the 90s!

Anyways, we’re all super pumped how the beer/Merch collabo turned out! Truly a pinnacle collaboration capsule for both brands. And the party, oh man! There was a mechanical bull shark, a dunk tank, 90s tunes, annnnnd we got Pizza Tiger tattoos! A whole gang of us did. It was a truly an incredible weekend! The southern hospitality is unmatched! This is whitenesses by the fact that John, the Charleston photographer, let us crash at his house even tho he was off on another trip. 

B fresh X holy city brewing dunk tank 12th birthday party

Truly awesome people that we’re super blessed to call community! And the little cherry on top! They had pictures of the b fresh boys hung above the urinals in the mens room. How embarrassingly endearing.


Anyways, can’t wait for the next beer release. Only time will tell who it’ll be with and what city it’ll take our adventure to! 

Here’s to many more years of sippin suds and the finest beer gear out there!

Thank you Charleston!

Thank you Apsey, 

And most of all,

Thank you Chris Brown and Holy City Brewing (special s/o to Glenn). 

Cheers 🍻 !